Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian; Agree/ Disagree Post

Anyone can raise themselves out of poverty if they have enough determination.

I disagree with this statement. There are many factors that contribute to wether or not you are able to rise out of poverty. Mental illness, physical disabilities, addictions and previous jail convictions are all big factors. To rise out of poverty, you need money. For most people, this means getting a job. The factors listed above can all stand in the way of someone’s ability to getting a job, or to make enough money in general.

To get a job, you usually need previous experience or a degree. If someone didn’t graduate for any reason, it would make it a lot harder to get a job. If they did manage to find an open job position, the next step is getting hired. Lots of employers won’t hire people who don’t have a permanent address, which would make it really hard for anyone who is homeless. Also, many jobs aren’t suitable for people who have mental illnesses. If someone has a learning disorder, they might not get hired as easily. Jobs require training, which requires learning and retaining information, which can be heard if you have a learning disability or some other types of mental illness. People with extreme anxiety might not work well in social situations, and people with severe OCD might not work well in messy environments. But it’s not only mental disabilities that can make it harder to get hired, physical disabilities play a big role as well. If you want to get hired at a fast food chain, but you have lost the use of your arms, you might not get the job because it would be hard to cook without them. If you have an addiction, such as gambling, drinking or drugs, it might be hard to get a job as well. Employers can easily find out about these and decide against hiring you. But even if they don’t find out, you are still spending money to feed your addiction, leaving less money for important things to help you rise out of poverty. If you were convicted of anything, or even just put on trial, it will follow you wherever you go. Your employers will find out about it, and that might stop them from hiring. If you’ve been convicted for possession of drugs and you want to work in a pharmacy, that would probably raise some flags.

In conclusion, determination is not the only factor that will raise you out of poverty. You could be extremely determined but face too many obstacles to continue, or you could not be determined at all but randomly be handed a million dollars. I would agree that determination is a factor, but is is definitely not the only factor.

Eminent Story Arc

My little sister Agnes’ passion for the wilderness, growing up with 5 brothers (plus 1 step brother).

Inciting Incident:
I form Boy Scouts, Agnes doesn’t think it’s fair that boys get to do more than girls.

Rising Action 1:
Agnes’ idea of an association called Girl Guides (similar to Boy Scouts, but for girls), our plan to form it.

Rising Action 2:
With my help, Agnes forms Girl Guides.

Rising Action 3:
I marry Olave St Clair Soames (now Olave Baden-Powell), she wants Agnes’ job, who do I choose?

I give Olave the job, Agnes gets demoted, I feel guilty but I love my wife.

Falling Action:
Agnes quits Guiding, Olave completely takes over, I feel bad but it was partially my idea in the first place right?

Olave and I are still married, I regret it a little, Agnes and I don’t talk much anymore.