Eminent Story Arc

My little sister Agnes’ passion for the wilderness, growing up with 5 brothers (plus 1 step brother).

Inciting Incident:
I form Boy Scouts, Agnes doesn’t think it’s fair that boys get to do more than girls.

Rising Action 1:
Agnes’ idea of an association called Girl Guides (similar to Boy Scouts, but for girls), our plan to form it.

Rising Action 2:
With my help, Agnes forms Girl Guides.

Rising Action 3:
I marry Olave St Clair Soames (now Olave Baden-Powell), she wants Agnes’ job, who do I choose?

I give Olave the job, Agnes gets demoted, I feel guilty but I love my wife.

Falling Action:
Agnes quits Guiding, Olave completely takes over, I feel bad but it was partially my idea in the first place right?

Olave and I are still married, I regret it a little, Agnes and I don’t talk much anymore.

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