Eminent: Annotated Bibliography

Gardner, Helen D. The First Girl Guide: the Story of Agnes Baden-Powell. Amberley, 2010.

This was the most helpful resource I came across. The book is written in a third person POV and is about the life of Agnes. The author asked experts, family members, historians and Girl Guide employees on information about Agnes, and compiled it all into a novel.

Grieco, Attilio. “Http://Ljournal.ru/Wp-Content/Uploads/2017/03/a-2017-023.Pdf.”AGNES BADEN-POWELL, A LITTLE KNOWN PERSON, 2013, doi:10.18411/a-2017-023.

This website helped me to find out a lot about her childhood, particularly her hobbies and her education. The document was worded very well, and it explained in detail the events of her early years. The article was concise, in that it was short but there was a lot of important information in it.

Guidestuff . “Agnes Baden-Powell.” Agnes Baden-Powell, 1982, guidezone.e-guiding.com/lh_agnesbp.htm.

This article gave me much more information on the types of hobbies she had, such as astronomy, cycling, swimming, cooking and even beekeeping! I also learned more about the legacy she left behind, her demotion from Presidency, and her hiring and the events preceding it.

Katie. “Girl Guiding: A Brief History, Part Two – Agnes Baden-Powell ~ Girl Museum.” Girl Museum, 23 Mar. 2017, www.girlmuseum.org/girl-guiding-a-brief-history-part-two-agnes-baden-powell/.

This article taught me a lot about the books she published and how they influenced society at that time. One of the books she published was very controversial, and there were assumptions made about Girl Guides that weren’t true. This article taught me about these assumptions in great detail.

Girl Guides Ballarat. “Agnes Baden-Powell.” Agnes Baden-Powell, girlguidesballarat.org.au/resources/history-of-girl-guides-ballarat/agnes-baden-powell/.

This article showed me many interesting facts about Agnes, such as her childhood pets, her famous friends and the fact that she was a hyperpolyglot (she could speak 11 languages). It also taught me about an organization that was made specifically for Agnes’ legacy, called the Baden-Powell Society.

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