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My question for this project is “How does the media influence the way society perceives beauty?” I’ve always wondered why some people were considered “beautiful” and why others were considered “ugly”. People of all shapes, sizes, skin colours and features should be considered beautiful. I never thought that certain people were ugly. But regardless of what I’ve thought, the media thinks differently. They impose unfounded ideals upon society about what type of person can and cannot be beautiful. I am extremely motivated by this to find out to what extent we can be effected. In doing this project, I hope to learn about the effects of these false ideals on society as a whole, but also on specific groups of people (grouped based on age, gender and race).

I know a lot around the idea of this concept, but I would love to go more in depth in my research. I want to learn about specific effects of false body image, statistics on who is most affected, and studies that prove the media plays a huge role in body positivity. The skills I currently have to help me in this project are passion, determination and motivation. This is a subject I am extremely passionate about, and I have been for a long time. This passion turns into drive and determination, which will help me complete the project to my best abilities. The final component is motivation. Without motivation, I would have no desire to complete the project, causing me to procrastinate and not complete the project to the best of my abilities. But because of these skills, I will be able to finish this project well and on time.

By the end of this assignment, I hope my time management skills will be improved. Since this project is very flexible and doesn’t have a specific structure complete with weekly due dates, I will need to work to make sure I get everything done. Hopefully, the lack of structure will cause me to have to build my own strict timeline, therefore enforcing my time management skills.

During my research, I’ll be able to approach Mr Morris, considering he is an English teacher. My mom is also an English teacher, so I will approach her for help if required. I also have a friend who has a few books on my subject, as she is also very interested in the subject. I hope to be able to speak with her about my project.

Some other resources I could use are books (the ones my friend will hopefully lend me, and books from the library) as well as websites. I have found many sites on the topic, as well as some surveys and statistics. I am also hoping to conduct my own survey to produce my own results on the effects of the media, which could count as a research once it is completed.

I am hoping to demonstrate my learning in the form of a power point. I want to include a survey in with my presentation, but I am not quite sure how to fit this in yet.

My schedule for learning:
December 5: finish proposal
December 8: research my topic and find helpful resources
December 15: conduct first survey
December 22: complete power point outline
December 29: complete power point
January 5: complete planning of presentation

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