In Depth Blog 6

Since the last blog post, I have met with my mentor three times. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet with him this week as he is away on vacation, however we will be meeting up again regularly afterwards. I have found that I need little to no guidance anymore, as I know most of everything I need to for my final presentation. When we meet up, I will play him a part of a song and he will give me suggestions on how to improve. He will also suggest new songs to listen to based on what I like. However, he isn’t teaching me nearly as much as he was at the start of the project, and I think the reason for that is I have gained autonomy over the course of the project so far. I am able to work well on my own and with minimal guidance, whereas at the start of the project I knew nothing and needed to be taught every step of the way. 

I recently decided on my second song for my project, after nearly perfecting the first. I asked my mentor what he thought, and he agreed that the song was fitting for my style and this project. He helped me to sort out how it would need to be played, and then our meeting was over. I have been practicing daily (with a few exceptions, such as adventure trips) and I am now a quarter of the way through the song! I’m really happy about the progress I have made, as the first song took much longer for me to learn. However, I do have much more experience now, and it is easier to pick up notes.

Another thing that I have been working on in the background is playing songs from my guitar book. I am able to play most of them, but not well. One of the criteria I made for this project was that I had to be able to play all of the songs from the book, and I have yet to complete that. So I always make sure to do at least a page a day (again, with exceptions). 

In conclusion, I have been working really hard and I can’t wait to see the final product!

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