Eminent Introduction

Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done. -Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is an extremely influential and inspiring person. She tackled many obstacles in her life, and she is looked up to by many. I am drawn to her because we share a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses as gifted learners, and our wants and fears are also similar. For example, we are both independent, stubborn, ambitious and determined. I aspire to emulate her levels of resilience and bravery. We are also similar in terms of upbringing. She had a good home life, and her parents were always right beside her to support her decisions. Although my passions are not the same as Amelia’s, I am inspired by the choices she made in her life and the impact she has left on the world. Amelia exemplifies my own goals as a TALONS learner. She is extremely ambitious, creative and determined. She’s known what she’s wanted from a young age, and she is prepared to do anything to achieve that goal while also maintaining a strong leadership position and being a good role model. There are some barriers between Amelia and I, such as the where and when she grew up, and the standards and norms at the time. However, these impediments are not so big that there would be no way for me to put myself in her shoes. Amelia has contributed greatly to both aviation and women’s rights movements. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and the USA, which was a huge accomplishment. She also created a clothing line for women that sold clothes deemed as ‘men’s wear’ at the time, such as pants and baggy shirts. She will be remembered in hundreds of years because of all of the records she set, but also the incredible influence she had on young girls with big dreams. Amelia faced many obstacles on her rise to eminence, such as being looked down upon because of who she wanted to be and how she portrayed herself. She cut her hair short and wore pants often, which tackled many stereotypes in place at the time. She was told she couldn’t do all of these things, such as dressing ‘unladylike’ and flying a plane, but that only made her want to do them more. Amelia is worth learning about, as her passion can inspire others to follow their dreams. From learning about her, some wisdom we can gain is to always follow your dreams, no matter how big or small. Amelia once said “the most effective way do it, is to do it.” This shows a little bit about her beliefs, and it is also something we should take away from learning about her. Amelia is one of a kind and very unique. There were only a few other female pilots in the world alive at the same time as her, but none of them were able to accomplish what she did. She is someone that I wish to be able to emulate in the future, and I believe that others should take note and emulate her passion as well.

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