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What are some effective ways to write a hook for a novel?

This year for ZIP, I am going to be analyzing and practicing different styles of hook writing for novels. The hook is the first thing you read in a novel, it’s what starts the story off. It’s the first thing the reader sees when they open up the book. Personally, I tend to decide on wether I like a story or not in the first five to ten pages. If the writing style isn’t working for me, or the story is just too boring, I won’t continue reading. I started thinking about why that is, why some novels are immediately captivating and some aren’t, and I realized that the hook has a lot to do with it.
Currently, my knowledge about hooks comes from reading novels and writing short stories in school. I have not done any hard research about how to write an effective hook in the past, especially not in longer stories. However, there are a lot of skills that I can gain from completing this project. Some examples are learning how to entice readers (which can be applied to many different types of writing), being more concise in my writing, learning different styles of hook writing, and applying the styles to different writing pieces to see what works best.
Someone I can approach for this project is my mom. She was an English teacher at a high school for 15 years, and she now works there in the career department. She knows a lot about novel writing, and she also knows the English teachers at the school, who could help. She has access to many resources at her school, such as novels, worksheets, textbooks, and teachers manuals. Some other helpful resources for me could be previous worksheets I have gotten, previous writing I have done, novels I have at home, and the internet.
At the end of this project, I am planning on demonstrating my learning by reading several novel hooks I have written and explaining the effectiveness of each one. I am also hoping to put some novels up on display with similar examples of hook styles highlighted, to add to the overall comprehension of my project.
Below is a link to my schedule for learning, which I am planning on following throughout the duration of this project.

ZIP Schedule

I am extremely excited to implement this schedule and to begin working on my project. ZIP is such an incredible opportunity to learn something new, and I can’t wait to share my presentation with the class.

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