In-Depth 1

It’s January, meaning that year two, my final year of in-depth, has officially begun! This year, I am going to be learning how to speak Italian. My family is taking a trip to Italy over the summer to visit some friends, and I would love to be able to communicate with them in Italian as well as in English. I am very excited to learn a new language, I am currently bilingual and learning languages has always been an area of passion for me.
Currently, I am still in the process of securing a mentor. I have met with someone from the Burnaby school district who teaches Italian courses, but I am still waiting to hear back from her. However, I have been learning Italian on my own, for upwards of half an hour daily. I can say simple sentences, such as ‘Ciao, come stai?’ which translates to ‘Hi, how are you?’ I have also started studying verbs, such as to eat (mangiare), to drink (bere), and to read (leggere). I am very happy with my progress so far, and I am having tons of fun learning this new language!
Currently, the only major struggles I have faced were getting started, and taking notes. When I first started learning Italian, I had no idea where to begin. Should I start with google translate? Should I use an application on my phone to teach me? Should I focus all of my attention into getting a mentor? Eventually, I decided upon using a free app called Duolingo, which teaches you any language you would like by feeding you information and asking simple questions to demonstrate your learning. The app is very easy to use, and I like the teaching style a lot.
The second problem was note taking. I needed to figure out how to write down all of the information I learned quickly and efficiently. Since I am learning an entire language with no background knowledge whatsoever, I had no idea where to start. I wrote down everything I could think of, from spelling, to pronunciation, to examples of sentences where that word may be used. After a while, I got the hang of it, and my notes started becoming a little bit clearer. However, all of my Italian notes are very messy, and definitely need some organizing.
To conclude, I am working hard and having fun, and I should have my mentor secured within the next week. I cannot wait for in-depth night, I have already started planning out what my station will look like. I am very excited to pursue my goals, an even more excited to see what comes next.

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  1. I look forward to hearing your speak the language in your blog. It looks like you are progressing on your own quite well for now. Have you looked at online courses in BC as well?

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