In-Depth 2

Ciao! Finally, in week three of in-depth, I have secured a mentor! She is a teacher for an online Italian course, and I am enrolled in her class. I have started the course, but I am also hoping to meet up with her once a week.
Originally, we had planned to meet up over the weekend, but unfortunately she was unable to make it. Instead, we rescheduled for a Monday afternoon for our first official meeting as mentor and mentee. During the meeting, we talked a bit about ourselves and our passions, but we mostly talked about my progress so far in the course. I have completed the intro unit to the course, and am starting on the first level. Each level is designed to take about one month, so two blog posts from now, I should be done level one. I am learning really fast, I already know the alphabet, numbers one to ten, and some common phrases and words. My mentor has been extremely helpful, and she is always encouraging me to expand on my learning and to implement it in my daily life.
In Edward de Bono’s How to Have a Beautiful Mind, three important sections are How to Agree, How to Disagree, and How to Differ. During my meeting with my mentor, I tried my best to implement these three aspects into our conversation. I think I did a good job, but to be honest, we did not have many disagreements. The only thing that I brought up was the fact that each unit is supposed to take one month. I thought that that seemed a bit long, and also very even. What if I needed more time on lesson four than on lesson three? However, my mentor assured me that although the course was designed to be completed at a rate of one month per lesson, you can go about it at your own pace. I made sure to explain my point respectfully, as she has obviously been teaching the course for longer than I have been enrolled, and she is more knowledgeable in that area. After she explained how everything works, I was convinced that she was right and that I had nothing to worry about.
Some constructive criticism I received and agreed with was about the pronunciation of some of the letters in the alphabet. I’ve been learning which sounds correspond with which groupings of letters, and how to know what sound a letter is making based on the letters before and after it. I need to work on the pronunciation of the letters d and p, as I still have a very French pronunciation of the two. I listened to the feedback carefully, and I am making an effort to implement the feedback into my speech.
I am very excited for my next meeting with my mentor, and until then I will be working on my Italian course every day. My friends and my family have begun to notice how I replace certain simple words, such as hello or yes, with the Italian translations. I am having a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for in-depth! Arrivederci!

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