In-Depth 3

Ciao! During my fourth and fifth weeks of in-depth, I encountered a couple of problems with my project, mostly involving the weather. I was unable to meet up with my mentor for when we had scheduled due to the heavy snow, so we had to reschedule for two days later. This didn’t cause any major issues, but it was a bit frustrating to have to find another time slot that worked for both of us. Another problem that was a bit frustrating was that the online course I am enrolled in was not working during the snow day, which would have been the perfect time to get some more work done. However, everything was back to normal by Wednesday morning.
I am having a ton of fun learning Italian, and I am on schedule having almost completed the first unit. I have just learned many new helpful phrases, such as “come stai?” which means how are you, and “buongiorno” which means good morning. I am really enjoying learning simple sentences, as they are extremely useful in day to day life. My mentor is very helpful and supportive, and she is quick to give me feedback on my work.
In Edward de Bono’s How to Have a Beautiful Mind, two important sections are How to be Interesting and How to Respond. Over the family day long weekend, I had a dinner with my family. I talked a bit about how my Italian course is going, and I shared some of what I have learned so far. I love talking about things I am passionate about, and teaching my family, especially my younger cousin, some words in Italian was really fun. I also spoke about what I was most interested in with my mentor. I love learning new languages, but learning about different cultures is even more interesting to me. One of the assignments in my Italian course was to learn a bit about the history of Italy, and I had a lot of fun researching the geography, independence, and past rulers of Italy. I talked a bit with my mentor about the things I have learned so far that I would love to expand on, and things I haven’t learned yet but would love to touch on at some point.
While completing one of the quizzes online, I came across a question that was a bit confusing. It was asking me to translate a sentence, but there were technically multiple correct answers. I put down the answer that made the most sense to me, but I wrote it down so that I could ask my mentor about it when we met up. I ended up getting the question right, but when I asked my mentor about it, she agreed that there was some ambiguity and room for interpretation. She said that no one had ever asked about it before, but that she would make sure to mark answers int the future accordingly. I made sure to bring up the point respectfully, and I gave multiple reasons as to why my point was valid, but also to say that the question just required a bit more logical thinking. Everything worked out well, and we didn’t have any disagreements or arguments.
To conclude, I am having so, so, so much fun learning this new language, and I have made so many connections from the Italian language and culture to the French language and culture. I can’t wait to expand on my learning, and I am more excited than ever to show off my skills not only on in-depth night, but also in Italy! Ci vediamo!

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