In-Depth 5

Ciao! The last couple weeks of in-depth have been coming along nicely. I met up with my mentor twice, once during spring break and once after. It was hard to coordinate our schedules over spring break, as I was working full time the first week and in Ottawa the second, and her schedule was busy as well. We ended up having a two hour meeting on the Friday before I left, instead of our usual hour long meetings. It was very productive, and I ended up learning a lot of new grammar rules. We talked about the different regions of Italy and how they differ from each other; for example, each region of Italy has its own spin on Italian food, which I found very interesting. Stereotypical Italian foods such as pizza and spaghetti come from central Italy, whereas up north, they eat mostly fish, potatoes and rice. My mentor told me that she personally prefers the food down south, where tomatoes, garlic, and olives are included in most dishes.
As for the Italian language, I am right on schedule for my Italian course. I had some time while I was in Ottawa over spring break to work on the course, which was nice. I learned how to say the days of the weeks, months of the year, and nationalities. I am doing really well overall in the course, but I have been struggling with accents on the letters. The accents mean different things in Italian and in French, and since I am learning both languages, it is hard to remember which one means what. I have been working on memorizing all of the consonant sounds, and all the vowel sounds with and without accents. I am having a lot of fun in this course, and I am super excited for in-depth night!
In Edward de Bono’s How to Have a Beautiful Mind, de Bono talks about a different way of thinking called the six hats. Different coloured hats represent different ways to think about a situation. My mentor and I had a lengthy conversation about how I am doing in my Italian course currently, and what I can work on to improve. I recorded the conversation, and I highlighted the different hats used. Below is a link to the conversation I had with my mentor.

I have been working very hard on my in-depth project, and it is paying off well. I am very excited to continue developing my skills, and I am even more excited to present my learning at in-depth night!

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